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January 13, 1992 - April 5, 2011

Mary Caitlin D. Keane is one of  the estimated 50,000 Americans who die each year from seizures and related causes. 


She is a daughter, sister, cousin, friend and promising young woman taken far too early from this world.


Dear Mary,


From the very day that you were born, right from the very start, you had my heart. You've blessed my life with so much joy; that lovely smile would light up any room! Your little laugh would lift me up whenever I was sad or things were going wrong. You were strong, kind, and compassionate to everyone and now it is my turn to try to live up to your example. You continue to be such a special blessing, and I love you so much. Even though you're in heaven, and all grown up, you still fill my days with joy. I cannot wait to see your great smile again someday. In the meantime, I'm doing my best to make you proud. I think about you every hour of every day and I hope you can feel my love up in heaven.


Love you always and forever,

Dad !!



An Estimated 50,000 Americans are dying each year from seizures and related causes
Help raise money to reduce
some, and one day all, of those 50,000 deaths per year
Over 60K donated in 4 years,
100% of which directly supports innovative and
forward-thinking leaders at
Rush University &



At Rush University Medical Center Mary received outstanding care for many years of her short life. She was lucky to have Marvin A. Rossi, MD Ph.D. as one of the numerous skilled workers who cared for her in her time at Rush. Dr. Rossi is a board-certified neurologist and fellowship-trained epileptologist. He has his doctorate in Molecular Biophysics and Physiology as well as 20 years of experience within regional epilepsy centers in the basic neurosciences, and clinical neuroscience research. 


All donations through this site and in Mary Keane's name support Rush University and Dr. Rossi's translational research initiative. The initiative's objective is to develop neurovisualization techniques and targeted nano-control neural interfaces. Such technologies are aimed at repairing pathology in epilepsy and primary brain cancer. 


In honor of Mary Keane, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Dr. Rossi's Nanotechnology Translational Research Initiative at Rush University.


"When Mary passed away at age 19 in spring of 2011, I lost my friend and cousin, and the world lost a special person.  My Uncle Stephen began this fund for epilepsy research in her name shortly after she passed away. He asked me if I would gather other young people to help the cause and without hesitating I said 'yes' . . . I am proud that our family, friends, local community and people all across the United States and the world, have come together to build the fund to over $60,000 in the past four years with 100% going to Epilepsy Research.  


As the Junior Ambassador for the fund, social media, and this website are two ways we help keep Mary’s memory alive while sharing some of the important research Dr. Marvin Rossi is currently conducting at Rush University Medical Center.


Mary's premature passing taught me the only way to make sense out of a tragedy is to turn the tragedy into something positive. 


I hope, pray and work toward finding a treatment for epilepsy . . . no other mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, or friend should have to experience the tragic loss of one they love due to seizures or related causes."


- Maeve Gillette (one of Mary's first cousins)

   Elmhurst, IL


"All of the physicians and nurses of the Rush Epilespy Center got to know Mary during the years she was treated at Rush. We have fond memories of her sweet smile and positive attitude despite adverse situations. She is one of the patients we will never forget."





Dr. Andres M. Kanner, 

Attending Physician, Rush Epilespy Center




For questions, more information about the fund, media inquires, sponsorship opportunities, as well as to talk to someone who understands the effects of seizures both on the person having them as well as the family . . . please feel free to reach out via the form below. We appreciate your time on this site and your support toward finding a treament for medication-resistant epilepsy. 

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